Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Went & had more Tramore Fish 'n' Chips, also tried one of their hot dogs, deep-fried Blue Seal brand, they don't have kraut but very tasty nonetheless. Had longish chat with owner, suggested he start carrying Harmony Springs in the 12 oz bottle.

Went & had a look at former market, seems a good deal more livable & suitable for my likely purposes than former bakery, might actually buy it. Took pictures.

The former retail space downstairs is huge & there's straight through access through a two car garage, full of cars right now so the floor will support some serious weight, pretty much totally unfinished, though there is a nice though somewhat fucked up tin ceiling. Basement seems quite dry, might actually be suitable for storage and/or servers. Exterior street facing wall seems an ideal location for a mural, very large unbroken expanse of brick & concrete, a few wires & utility drops.

Lots of repairs/improvements needed, ones that are short-term necessities seem manageable (some electrical, maybe roof over garages), totally unbearable wallpaper in dwelling space.

Waiting to hear back from my realtor what permissible uses are in neighborhood business zone.

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