Friday, September 28, 2007

Looked like rain all day yesterday, didn't rain until the instant I got on 91 to go the airport. Pretty torrential, driving through Springfield, invisible lane markers, drifting trucks.

Wasn't raining at Bradley, thought it might any time, so parked in garage, rather than lot by Terminal B, found that sole corridor between Terminals A & B was closed due to renovation. Had to walk over outside, not really much of an outside path either.

Very claustrophobic experience, Terminal B. American Airlines Arrivals/Departures screens spend 2/3 of the time showing ads for American Airlines rather than information, expect they'll be going under soon.

On drive home, heard about my brother's business a bit, got here, fed him beer & healthy vegetables & scotch. Talked about other stuff, he showed me some interesting details of maps.

Had some very nasty nightmares, not nasty enough to wake me up, but nasty enough that I found I had knocked over my bedside lamp when I finally did. Just removed bulb shards with shopvac, will extract remainder of bulb from socket later.

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