Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Went to a noise show at Mystery Train, guess Tim sort of talked me into it, dullest sort of noise music, Buddies were supposed to play but didn't, still had a pretty nice time. Managed to arrange a tentative date for skee ball excursion/art project. During one of the particularly boring parts, went across the street for a slice of pizza, three tiny, gawky guys, assume they were UMass freshmen, looked like high school students, had gotten a giant (say 18 x 30) Sicilian pie & were sitting in the window eating it, eyes alive with delight, protruding Adam's apples bobbing gleefully. Made me think of kids at Halloween eating whole bags of candy at one sitting.

There's a going away party for a person named Emily that I barely know happening at a bar down the street right now, can't decide if it would be funnier to go or to be inconspicuous by my absence. A beer might be good.

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