Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Went to Amherst for challah, on drive over, longish internal dialectic on the proper way to understand assertions of the self-evident truth of moral statements, I'll spare you the details, came to the perhaps unsurprising conclusion that they should probably be treated the same way one treats other assertions of self-evident truth.

Did some banking, went to Black Sheep for challah, college students sure make some surly retail workers, got challah, a couple napoleons, said, "Could I have a little bag?" College student said, "A 'little' bag?" I said, "Yeah, as opposed to a really big bag, one this stuff will fit into."

Decided to go for pizza after, one thing I'm finding I dislike about living alone is that I have very little opportunity to get pizza, guys behind counter seemingly having major problems understanding spoken English, weirdly, the guy in front of me in line with the severe speech impediment, him they understood just fine.

Lovely sunset over the Connecticut. Shana tova umetukah, kids.

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