Saturday, September 15, 2007

Plans for today have filled in nicely, Flywheel record fair in Eastworks, Athol Fall Festival, North Quabbin Garlic & Arts Festival in Orange, think I'm going to try to hit all three, take pictures, obviously most excited about the Athol one. Bit down that I missed the Williamsburg Grange Fair last weekend, dog was sick, matter of priorities.

Even the loveliest people do terrible things sometimes, sometimes it seems that it's the loveliest people who do the most terrible things, tempting to think that's just a matter of contrast, don't really think it is. People who give a lot of thought to what they do are a lot more likely to do terrible things on purpose, in full consciousness of just how terrible they actually are. Whether that's actually worse than people bumbling around hurting everyone around in an oblivious fog, I don't know, think it's almost certainly not, but it can certainly seem worse.

Ear hurts.

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