Sunday, September 16, 2007

Noticed that another property of interest had come on the market in Easthampton, went & had a lot at its exterior, took pictures, walked around neighborhood, took more pictures. Looks a little dilapidated, but has some serious advantages over the old bakery, it's actually zoned commercial, looks like the commercial part is more usable for things I might want to use it for, like the neighborhood better, looks like somebody actually lives there, so it's probably livable. The street it's on looks good & ready for a minor commercial renaissance, might be a fun thing to try to do with some of my spare time.

Went to Big E's after & got my staples, also a spicy locally made kielbasa to use in my soup, presumably the meat in that is also locally sourced. Really like that store, it's a longish but easy walk from newly coveted property.

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