Sunday, December 14, 2008

We both sort of collapsed for a while, let the rain happen, etc. Eventually food was needed, we wanted to go for late night sushi/karaoke at this place in the Marriott after 10, wanted to get a snack before. Wandered aimlessly for a while looking for snack, L. looking a little the worse for wear. Didn't find anything interesting, L. suggested we just go to sushi place now, did that, though it was challenging to find, the Marriott doesn't believe in having too many informational maps in their giant complex, apparently.

Finally did find the place & it was damn good. We all felt better & took a cab home. L.'s passed out next to me, looks to be an early night, probably best, get us closer to being back on Eastern Time & all that. Curses!

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No Stand In Will Do said...

and! thanks to xmas, if we hadn't gone to that sushi place at that time, we never would've gotten to taste the wonderful food! happy happenstance that we had gone right then.
would like some more of that sushi now, please