Friday, December 12, 2008

Kauai leg of trip proving to be a bit of a washout, turns out rain night before last was the most they've had in a night in over 4 years, beaches were mostly closed due to either bacteria or stormy conditions, spent most of day driving back & forth looking for some place to take a dip. Finally managed that in Hanalei Bay, left me feeling pretty tired & grouchy, fell asleep early.

Today, we managed a quick dip close to home early, looked at pretty fishes, then had a delightfully hearty breakfast at the Kountry Kitchen. Tried to go look at Waimea Canyon, but it was totally fogged in & pouring. At the bottom of that in Waimea town now, using pay for Internet at slightly questionable Gallery/Cafe, sipping an Americano because they don't have regular coffee.

Apparently poured pretty seriously on Oahu as well, hope the nice folks at Papa Ole's weathered the storm OK.

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