Saturday, December 13, 2008

Back at the New Otani after a long time away, seems exactly the same. Had fancy multicourse dinner at Japanese restaurant on the 2nd floor, seemed exactly the same. Our room is directly above the little shop that sells musubi.

Flight over was pretty intense. Arrived in pouring lane, waited a long time in line to check bags, big group of Samoans tying up one of the bag checkers. Got moved to an earlier flight as all planes were late. Arrived at gate to surprise additional TSA inspection, surprised they didn't have puppets. Woman at gate counter moved us to a still earlier flight, which we promptly boarded & away we went.

Our luggage, not so much. While L. awaited its arrival on the slightly later flight, I went to get the rental car through more pouring rain, got back to the baggage claim pretty much just as our bags arrived, as we hit the highway, it stopped raining.

Smooth sailing since then, Japanese dinner as I said, walk into Waikiki, cab back, etc., etc.

Have to pay extra for Internet here, but at least it works.

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