Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Turning out to be a close to home kind of day, L. managed to actually sleep until a reasonable hour, spent much of the morning lazing about. Went to my new favorite plate lunch place for an early lunch/late breakfast, L. got another breakfast sandwich, without cheese this time, I got more garlic chicken, but the extremely friendly cashier hooked me up with a complimentary side of beef teriyaki. Also offered us free tickets to nightly Polynesian spectacular at the Mormon run cultural center down the road, a sister works there apparently. We were told to return after one for the tickets. Also gave us some buns drenched in coconut sauce which I quite liked, L. not so much.

Went up to Laie point, pretty spectacular, on the way there, noticed the Leonard Jr.'s truck in shopping center. Stopped there on the way back from point for more hot malasadas. Going to hell for sure.

Burned a few of the excess calories frolicking at nearby beach, mostly just floated around.

Stopped back by plate lunch place for tickets around two. Tickets had not yet arrived, waited around checking out the scene, lots of dogs, flamboyant gays & hardy worker types, a lively scene. Just as we were giving up, sister arrived with tickets.

Went back to Laie looking for a soap case & q-tips, while the wife was fetching those, went & got refreshing frozen drinks.

Back at the place, sitting on the lanai, sipping frozen drinks.

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Anonymous said...

I tried to frolic but you held me under for too long!