Monday, September 15, 2008

Rushed home from work to walk the dogs before hurrying down to Fitchburg State to catch Ben Katchor, some medical necessities needed to be attended to first, got stuck behind a mysteriously slow Explorer on 2, parking was hard to come by on campus, somehow we arrived right on time.

Funny, touching stuff, stilted & unhip academic context also funny & touching in its old, own way. Pro forma introductions, questions desperately plucked from the bottoms of little, untried souls. Little corners where one keeps the sort of questions one asks again & again that no one seems able to answer. It's because they're lousy questions, kids.

L. asked some good ones anyway, found out that musical she wanted to see in NYC late fall would probably be postponed, would likely be available at MassMoCA first, which, to my ears anyway, was lovely news.

Went & got some very acceptable grinders from a Sal's Pizza after, then drove home to a soundtrack less satisfactory than the one we had going.

Just took the dogs for a long walk, shine on, harvest moon.

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