Saturday, September 6, 2008

It's a very wet night.

Just back from taking the dogs out for a brief promenade, lovely out despite the rain, pleasant clean air, striking reflections from street lamps in the streams on the sidewalks and pavements.

Arch Street is closed, the arch is flooded.

Before that, finished watching The Lord of the Rings, adore sentimental claptrap, I do, I do.

Earlier, made some pasta with an alfredo sauce, with a side of local tomatoes in a simple vinaigrette.

Picked up some photos I'd ordered, ordered a festive lemon cake, did some work.

Can keep going further back, all the way into the abyss if I like- it's somewhat burdensome, freedom of movement, can get a bit vertiginous. In any case, has its good points, wouldn't trade it.

Out in the rain, and even before, listening to it, thinking rainy day thoughts, worries, pities, other days, rainy & otherwise.

Find myself feeling stretched a bit thin, then snap right back into shape, slip on a hoodie & get on with it.

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