Saturday, August 9, 2008

Trip to favorite source of quality local soda was a bit troubling, they were out of quart sized orange dry, learned on asking why that the proprietor had a heart attack a couple weeks ago. Guess he's back at soda bottling already, with a little extra help, but has some catch up work to do, heard him promise from upstairs that the orange dry would be back in stock next week, what a lovely man.

Anyway, they did have 5 of the 7 oz orange dry, so bought a case of the little bottles as well.

After that, we went & got sonhos, Portuguese rolls, banana cream pie, the makings of a Portuguese soup, etc., etc.

L. wanted to get a butterfly bush, but there was no room in the car (filled with not yet returned returnables). Drag.

About to start work on wedding reception FAQ.

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