Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back from Transperformance, guess I'd say U2 was the high point, though I've never much cared for them. Nadir would have to be the Guns 'N' Roses. Wished T. Rex had done "Chariot Choogle" & XTC "Statue of Liberty". Can't always get what you want. Was very pleased that ELO did "Mr. Blue Sky", which played over our exit, there was a strange moment just as we were leaving, though, where the vocals seemed to slip radically out of key, was strange, couldn't tell if it was in my head or what. All the times I listened to that song off 45 when I was 7 or whatever, hard to think of it as existing out in the world, outside of my head.

Anyway, anyway.

After the show, tried the newly reopened Paradise City Tavern, burger was pretty decent, but you'd think for the ten dollars or so they charged for it, they could buy local tomatoes.

The drive home was characterized by each driver near me doing some typical annoying thing, like living in a textbook, ick.

Need sleep.


Anonymous said...

How can a driver live in a textbook, and in what way is that annoying?

dbr said...

I-91 is the textbook, buddy, the textbook of really fucking stupid driving.