Monday, July 21, 2008

If today is any indication of what my 2 weeks with the boss away is going to be like, I should really be looking for a different job.

First thing was, one server was dead & another had a horrible screeching fan. While I was figuring out which one was screeching, it shut itself off. So, replaced ram/cpu module in dead one & it came back up, replaced fan in other & likewise.

It kind of went on like that most of the day apart from the delightful lull while I was on hold waiting to arrange exchange of dead tape drive with Sony.

Kids, if you have a choice, don't ever work for anybody too cheap to replace equipment.

All kinds of software, user, file problems too.

When I finally got home, Peretz was so excited he threw up.

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Anonymous said...

oh poor baby misses you