Monday, June 2, 2008

Took a little break from work & began my post-move financial recovery by depositing returned portion of my security deposit, had a hot dog with kraut from street vendor to celebrate. Things have been such a blur the past couple of months, I'm not even sure what my moving-related expenses actually were, but they certainly added up. I think a large part of it was just eating out a lot because of excessive busyness.

Anyway, my wealth & corresponding power are on the mend, watch out, Captains of Industry!

Being able to walk to bank, hot dog stand kind of makes me want to work in Greenfield all the time, arrange that, would you?

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No Stand In Will Do said...

eating out and driving back and forth which you would have done anyway!!! so, didn't add up to much, I think. just added up to drudgery. ok! let's clean up the Bricker while hanging out with the dogs and eating at home! hurray!