Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I got married, weird.

More about that later, reception in September.

Up in Maine, been fogged in with a nasty cold. Clearing out this morning.


Alison the Amazing said...

oh my!?????!!! congratulations!

want...details. want...details!

gnawing on fingers till story is heard. please save me from chewing my hands down to bloody stumps in anticipatory agony.

Congrats again, yay love.

NCavillones said...

Dude. For reals? I saw it on FB but I thought maybe it was just a cute thing you two were doing.
Amazing. Mazel tov. Hope you plan on throwing a fete.

dbr said...

Yeah, in addition to it being a cute thing we're doing on Facebook, we're actually married. Fete will be in Greenfield, September 22.