Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Quite a day, hoped early start would equal early end to work, plenty of time to visit with loved ones, didn't work out like that.

Left work after a busy morning to walk the dog, across the street, a house was on fire, one I considered buying, actually. Took some photos until I was advised that the electric company had cut the power to work because they couldn't get near enough to just cut power to the burning house, went inside to deal with that, was busily powering things off when our UPS died & things turned off on their own. Waited a long while for power to return, brought everything back up, gave things a quick once over, then went home. Immediately called back to bring a database which should have come online automatically online. Went home again, started uploading my photos, called back to work because the electric company people had announced they were going to briefly cut the power again, took everything down, waited. Took them longer than they said it would, fielding calls from sweet young thing re: when would I be able to meet for dinner, eventually the power went & came & I brought everything back up again & split.

Walked the poor dog quickly then headed into town to catch the tail end of dinner, call on way regarding problems with data flow from Greenfield, sorted those out on phone. Had a beer & bits of others' dinners, went for espresso & rum cake, went & saw the "Young @ Heart Chorus" documentary, another call from work in the middle of that, nothing serious.

Anyway, pretty lovely movie, nice old folks having fun & being entertaining, a bit too much of the wide angle lens for my taste, can't have everything. Memento mori, like I needed reminding.

Really wishing I had more time to hang with the kid & his grandma, the spice must flow, I guess.

Having some ginger ale, should really take the pup for another walk, foot hurts.

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