Friday, April 4, 2008

Brief but busy & unusually sociable day at work, talked about home improvement & the Singularity, gave away tickets to movie because the intended users are coming in later than expected.

After all that, went home where the felt min donuts from Singapore were awaiting me, took a lot of photos of those. Also did some shopping, weirdly difficult locating E.T. bagels on a Friday afternoon, everybody wants to eat, I guess.

Hanging out with dogs in Greenfield, just took Pickles for a walk, then Peretz. Tested out walking Pickles on Peretz's extendable leash, found it a good deal easier. Still pretty wet out.

At some point, L. should arrive with her entourage from the Cape & we'll all go out for dinner.

Just had to break up another fracas, Pickles is having some quiet time outside, P & I are enjoying some in.

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