Sunday, March 2, 2008

Long day.

Shortly after my previous post, sweet young thing & her progeny arrived, we went to Great Wall for dim sum, lovely as always, then headed out to drop the young sprout on a ferry back to his dad.

Little side trip on the way down to sample Butler's Colonial Donuts in Westport, turned out to be temporarily closed, but with a helpful sign directing us to their other branch down Rt. 6 a piece, in Rhode Island. En route there, passed the Nite Owl diner in Fall River, tiny, lovely, deco owl bedecked, to which I intend some day to return.

So, Rhode Island location, while not as photogenic, does provide a very high quality real cream long john. Donuts also pretty great, I'm told apple fritter was quite something, as well. Charming, slightly inefficient mother/daughter team at the helm.

Got to Woods Hole ahead of schedule, friend of the kid's from Falmouth came down with his mom to hang out at the dock, witnessed and even participated a bit in mom on mom chitchat.

Stopped at outlet mall on way home in search of pants, pants accomplished, was gifted with socks, wanted to look at cooking supply outlet, but, like so much else in Massachusetts, it closes at 6 on Sundays. Around this time, my dear companion began fielding calls from grown men behaving like infants, ick.

Stopped a few exits after that for dinner at The Alamo, if you can believe it, Mexican joint owned by the father of one of the kids on Malcolm in the Middle, so so food, happier with mine than she was with hers. They had the karaoke going, weird scene, oldsters, cowboy hats. Nice to see L. out of traction & back in action, she did "You're So Vain", some underworld spy or the wife of a close friend indeed.

More driving & home again, she's off to tend to needy menfolk, I walk through parking lot with Peretz, wise old owl hooting sadly, repetitively, insistently in the dark woods beyond. I hear you, brother, you & me both.

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