Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Deciding the weather had turned warm enough to give the mice infesting my house a fair shot at surviving outside long enough to infest someone else's, I have set out the hav-a-heart traps again, lined with chunky peanut butter.

What heart?

Should really re-view Miller's Crossing, reread Red Harvest

Thinking about watching Sweet Smell of Success projected on the wall last night, quite a beautiful film, if still a conventional morality tale, at least structurally. At its core, I think, it would like to be darker than it is, lacks the courage of its own grotesqueries. Suppose someone had to be willing to pay for it, still flopped, oh well.

Was talking about how a character similar to Tony Curtis's would make a fine lead for a TV serial, spending each episode destroying someone's life for his own enrichment, back next week to do it all over again. Presents a lot of opportunities for developing a highly textured character. You want to do it? It could be called Bastard or something.

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