Thursday, January 29, 2009

Woke, checked my email, learned that twice-rescheduled conference call had been canceled.

Car was half embedded in snow/ice from neighbors' roof, took about an hour & a half of shoveling & rocking back & forth to get it loose.

Last night was strangely busy, got done with work, went out & shoveled the walk, went back in to read. Got call from L. saying she couldn't get into the driveway, went back outside, plow had filled driveway, covered entire sidewalk with icy slush.

Went back inside, did dishes, L. started making these orange/pumpkin rolls from the latest Gourmet, then I made a chicken curry with egg noodles for dinner, ate that, watched a little Top Chef, then went out to try to remove slush before it totally solidified. That took quite some time.

Came back in & collapsed, was given hot rolls with butter, really lovely & fragrant, would like to try them with a suitable soup. My mom called, told her she should make the rolls & have them with a suitable soup.

Extremely stiff & sore, feet won't warm up.

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