Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Getting email berating me for not writing enough, ok, ok.

Busy day, car's in the shop getting a second transmission issue fixed, first one will get fixed later. One foot in front of the other.

Later, wood stacking, watching TV, would like to buy & cook some vegetables. Probably should do dishes, laundry, not going to.

Earlier, rushed out to throw tarp over new wood getting wet in morning drizzle, under desk fixing UPS, eating blueberry pancakes with a sides of bacon & home fries with hot sauce, etc., etc.

Little cursor, dashing back & forth.


No Stand In Will Do said...

yay! you're such a little busy bee! we'll keep ya moving over here at the Bricker, whoop whoop.
how about some vegetable fried rice so's our wood stacking vegetarian friend can eat with us?

dbr said...

Yeah, OK, need to get some stuff for that.

Anonymous said...

bee be be be be bee be bee