Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wow, very nice dinner, watched some crappy TV, ordered myself a new toy, pretty super all around.

Had a very strong frou frou drink with dinner, took the edge off all day headache.

Also finally paid for our party, glad to have gotten to that.

Mind veers off in grim directions, force of habit.
Head hurts so much I'm having a hard time looking at anything.

A little while ago, my nose started bleeding.

Fine, thanks, I'm fine.

Peretz was just visiting with Berkeley doppelgänger in the back yard, esse est percipi.

Little purple morning glories keep on blooming despite it being past their time. Wonder if they know I'm rooting for them.

Came back in to shower, couldn't get Peretz to come in, he was desperately wanting to rush to the aid of other pups crying in the distance. Can hear him crying outside now.

We're a lot alike.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Sad, not sad, sad. All blurs together, then doesn't.

Was thinking earlier about how much more time I've spent alone than most, not as good at it as I was.

Lungs hurt, head hurts.

Want to curl up in a ball & stay that way.
Stuffy head, half watching Lost.

Should go cut up an apple.

Feeling a strange mix of great & lousy.
In the midst of peacefully making dinner (consisting of reheated pork ribs & pilaf-stuffed roasted delicata squash), was looking out our window & saw an SUV driving on the wrong side of street crash into a parked SUV with a muted bang. Much shouting commenced, cops have now arrived, whee.

1st cop on scene just shooed away 2nd cop, another plainclothes cop in nondescript coupe.

Going to get back to making dinner, waiting for the economy to collapse.
Finally got up the energy to walk the pups, have used up my energy.

Also got apples. L'Shana Tova.

Planning Yom Kippur supper involving pork tenderloin.

Doing my best to remain unrepentant.
Slept very poorly, when woken by alarm clock, felt sicker than I had in days, scratched work & went back to sleep.

Finally woke up a short time ago, thick headed, having some ginger ale.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Busy evening, probably too busy for one such as me, still shaking off cold. Beer & BBQ thing at the H & O, forgot how much I liked those ribs, really delightful, also spicy mac 'n' cheese, etc., etc.

After that, benefit show in Florence, somehow all the bands I least wanted to see played first, then we got tired & came home.

Going to read my scifi novel, I think.
Decided, once again, that what I should really be doing is going through Deleuze's Cinema books again & trying to come up with a manageable viewing list to accompany reading them. Once again having difficulty locating my copy of Cinema 2, did however come across my copies of Story of the Eye & the Fugs' first album, both of which I had mentioned to L. recently, the Fugs thing because of the Blake poem, of course.

It is perhaps trite to remark that canons, literary & otherwise, are, for the most part, simple artifacts of a lack of time which present themselves as products of a more or less total investigation- it might seem that this could somehow be avoided, perhaps with appropriate disclaimers, but I think this is a mistake.

Nice lazy day, L.'s listening to Randy Newman upstairs.
Strange, heavy weather, must be the hurricane drifting by.

Slept for a very long time, slowly feeling better. Still very congested.

Finally getting through that Frege, that period still mystifies me, why they all found their newly discovered logics the most obvious things in the world, fit for explaining everything else. Guess that's how it is with new things often.

Lower back hurts, wishing I had a hot tub.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pickles hurt his foot on the train tracks earlier, he seems fine now. After the incident, walking down the sidewalk, an intense déjà vu- "...Pickles hurt his foot...Pickles hurt his foot...Pickles hurt his foot..."- all down the echoing corridors.

L. was giving me a hard time over my use of direct address in this, but you don't have a problem with it, do you? Let me know.
Reading Norstrilia again, a copy I picked up at the West Tisbury dump, first edition paperback. Book seems strangely relevant, I expect in ways idiosyncratic to me, but maybe you'd like it.

We picked up some records at record fair, listening to The Association.

Before that, we went for dim sum.

Who would want to buy an invisible temple, anyhow?
Itchy head, L.'s watching a movie in her laptop.

Want to go buy records.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Just watched Mulholland Drive again.

A little while ago, I was sitting on the back porch, watching the light on the rain, smoking, thinking about the idea of safety, of being safe.

My feet are icy cold.
Made some spicy chicken noodle, made me feel a lot better.

Watched the rest of Lincoln, pretty goofy, favorite thing about it was corrupt Rhode Island general/politician's accent, reminiscent of Gangs of New York.

Nose is clogging back up.

The folks made it home.
Seems I no longer have a fever, anyway.

Damp pajamas, damp outside, too.

Dogs want attention.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The brave lady's gone out to catch some music, good on her.

Me, I just went downstairs to get some water, started shivering uncontrollably. Back in the safety of blanket now.
Came home a bit early, since then, mostly prone.

L. brought me some pizza.

Somebody sent us a record player.
Ended up getting nice Chinese hot pot instead of soup, pretty close, super hot baby bok choy seemed called for.

Anyway, feel somewhat better, but certainly not good, wonder when I can get out of here?
Wondering why it seems that whenever there is any sort of emergency or unusual busyness at work, I have a cold.

Really want to go get some soup, been too busy to go get soup.

Soup, soup, soup.
One advantage of this head cold is a heavy, dreamless sleep.

Wish I had some chicken noodle.

A slight fog this morning, without & within.

Pickles is pushing against my hip.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Found myself feeling sicker & sicker as the day wore on, then for a little late day excitement, our corporate antivirus decided to go bananas.

Finally got out, picked up some maki & came home.

Just walked & fed the impatient dog, planning to spend the rest of the evening wrapped in a blanket, am therefore going to miss pal's monthly music & more extravaganza, bummer.
All sorts of worries in my peripheral vision, rear view mirror, road ahead seems clear enough, anyway.

Too sleepy to do my job properly, don't much care.

Could use a refreshing lemonade, will probably have one in a little while.
Have I mentioned how adorable Alice is?

Anyway, A is for Adorable Alice.
Ten hours of sleep didn't help as much as one might think, still helpful, L. & I both have minor cold symptoms.

Pressing on.

One of the many things accomplished yesterday while rushing here and there was the purchase of a new pair of shoes, going to slip those on & take a walk with Peretz.

A little more coffee first.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thought I was exhausted yesterday, am now genuinely exhausted.
Feeling a bit the worse for wear, going to go try to catch a glimpse of Alice, then take our friend Chris to his mom's in Pittsfield, after that is anybody's guess. Maybe a little outlet shopping? Dinner with the folks later?

Wow, fun party.

Sang a lot of karaoke, for me, anyway- "Come Dancing", "Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft", "Remember You're a Womble", "Ask", "My Little Red Book"- pretty representative sampling, I guess.

Pretty exhausted.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Went & got desserts, had some scotch poured into me.

Going to take a shower & then go face the music.
Full house, my brother's playing Guitar Hero, L. went & got donuts.

Need to go run dessert fetching errand shortly.

Cloudy & gray, should clear out later.
Too many people to pay attention to, therefore failing to pay adequate attention.

Will sleep now & try harder tomorrow.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Just back from yet another delightful brunch & a quick trip to the Bookmill, going to take my brother swimming in Green River now.

Beautiful, balmy day, quite perfect as last day's of summer go.
Up early for no good reason.

Cold & foggy, Peretz was shivering out in the yard.

Immediate family arrived yesterday, more folks on their way.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Made quiche, shredded more financial documents.

Lovely cool day, should probably walk the dog.
Having some coffee with sweetened condensed milk, thinking about making quiche.

Relatives start arriving today.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Itchy eye, was cold, am now excessively warm.
Done with work, collapsed in a heap.

Tried to meet up with spouse for hot dogs, cart MIA, got pizza with hot peppers & bacon instead.

Pleasantly cool.
Floors are cold, really should get myself some warm slippers suitable for the navigation of steep stairs.

Maybe fleece socks?

L.'s singing down the hall.
Pretty drastically tired, can't fall asleep, been sleeping poorly all week.

It's a strange thing to have someone else's nightmares, graveyards, ladybugs, etc., etc., etc. Had always had plenty of my own about being held down.

Anyway, pretty pointless, it's not as if my taking them on as well is any help. Just impressionable, I guess. Suppose it gives me a sort of feeling of distant solidarity, but frankly, at this point, I'd rather have sleep.

Oh well, Samsara & all that.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Went & got a burger at our favorite place, then caught a little pop music.

It's going to be a cold night, frost maybe.
It's funny, have had way too much to do this week, have spent lots of time preoccupied with strange irrelevancies. Not that that's unusual, just funny.

The darkness seems to be coming on faster than it should, rushing along. The cold, too.

Could use something to eat.
Blah, blah, blah, work, blah, blah, blah.

My parents are on their way.

Tum tiddly tum, tum tum.
Slept very poorly, woke in desperate need of coffee.

It seems to me that language, from an evolutionary viewpoint, is something like a rudimentary eye.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Got home, did some dishes, made us little Polish plates (no golumpki, sadly). Since then have been pretty collapsed.


Peretz says I'm a bore.
Desperate urges to get away from this desk & do my grocery shopping. Pups need kibble, humans beverages.

Seems particularly cold & bleak in here today, tiny patch of autumnal color visible through the distant window.

Centering myself with the hum of the proxy server.
Learned this morning that rescheduled musical debut, earlier this week celebrated as convenient for me, was likely rescheduled due to sudden & untimely death of fellow Hampshire alum, bummer.

After hearing about this, headed home to moodily munch leftover pasta while watching the dogs play in the yard. On the way to my car, saw Harriet chasing a swift rabbit.

Colder than normal at my desk today. Blanket?
At work doing other people's work, just got call from L., sonhos are go, ho, ho, ho.

Mysterious foot pain.

Lawn workers got done with their horrible grinding noises just as I was leaving for work, typisch für September.
After work, yesterday devolved into a seemingly endless series of mundane tasks, still didn't get everything I wanted done.

Loud garden equipment noises through my window, finding it hard to type.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Workday proving less tedious than the recent norm, actual technical problems encountered, etc.

Need to remember to purchase coffee filters.
Woke up, started feeding dogs, found we were out of coffee filters. Made one pot with paper towel, turned out ridiculously weak, trying again.

Watching the shadows on my wall.

Beautiful cool morning, would very much like to spend it lazing about with dogs & wife, oh well.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Rushed home from work to walk the dogs before hurrying down to Fitchburg State to catch Ben Katchor, some medical necessities needed to be attended to first, got stuck behind a mysteriously slow Explorer on 2, parking was hard to come by on campus, somehow we arrived right on time.

Funny, touching stuff, stilted & unhip academic context also funny & touching in its old, own way. Pro forma introductions, questions desperately plucked from the bottoms of little, untried souls. Little corners where one keeps the sort of questions one asks again & again that no one seems able to answer. It's because they're lousy questions, kids.

L. asked some good ones anyway, found out that musical she wanted to see in NYC late fall would probably be postponed, would likely be available at MassMoCA first, which, to my ears anyway, was lovely news.

Went & got some very acceptable grinders from a Sal's Pizza after, then drove home to a soundtrack less satisfactory than the one we had going.

Just took the dogs for a long walk, shine on, harvest moon.
Headache continues.

Much nicer out, anyway.

Twitching eyelid.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

That people don't understand the first thing about signs, or the next, or the next, a hard pill to swallow, again and again.

Read another trite rehearsal of the superiority of discursive reason over imagination earlier, the written word as such vs. TV & splashy magazines, reheated McLuhan with an axe to grind, no sense of history, at least not an honest one, oh ick, ick, ick.

Cool abstraction provides a pleasing illusion of subtlety & depth, of freedom. Among other things.

That the viewer knows next to nothing about how the pictures work on them is no reflection on pictures, words were once like this, examples are easy to come by.

Think headache's died back, then I try to stand up, yikes.

Right eye's gone wonky.

Should've done laundry.
Headachily reading more reviews, maybe thinking the nausea provoked will dispel this headache- what is substance anyway? Stuff and nonsense, stuff and nonsense. The real, the significant, the this, the that. It's all what we like, whoever that is.

A blighted, alien landscape. Slouching, squid-like, ominous smiles. Not like I need to tell you.

Fuck it, watching The Punisher.
Hurricane remnants drifting through = one hell of a sinus headache. Wishing there were something comfortingly entertaining on TV.

Peretz is looking at me quizzically, his head resting on the comforter. Now he's stopped.
Poor David Foster Wallace, poor everybody.

All of us in the same boat, to the extent we think much about it anyway, another one overboard, crap.

Feeling damp & wretched, been doing some light duty cleaning in preparation for next weekend's guests.

Worry, pity, relief that it's not really my problem, it's where I'm at, more often than not.

Funny show tunes emanating from upstairs, an emblem of always, among so many others.

Not sure what to do with myself, have a cigarette, maybe.
Yeay, brunch!

Hazy, muggy day has me feeling funny.

Maybe more sleep.
Went to see jazz at Bookmill, sold out, sat around outside chatting with Andy & René, very pleasant.

After, went to Northampton for karaoke & work, means I can sleep in tomorrow, hip, hip.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wagon Wheel lunch, also got a belated birthday cake in Turners, party never ends.

It's nap time.
Was going to go stock up on local soda for party & also place an order for Portuguese donuts, think I lack the energy, will have to work all that in later, I guess.

Just stubbed my toe rescuing a sock from Peretz.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Wavy beach, skee ball, sushi boat- what more could one want?

Very little, honestly, a picture of contentment, illustrated for your convenience.

I love a rainy night.
Sleepy, can't fall asleep, getting up early for more fun.

Forgot to mention we watched One, Two, Three yesterday, that's always a good one for gauging my overall mental state. Please send more weirdly dated overly frenetic farces, Netflix.

Pickles is snoring, the lucky dog.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Weekend fun's begun with dog walk up to Poet's Seat followed by tasty bar snacks. Pop music next.

Going to get up early & head to the beach, skee ball also a likely bet. Looking forward to prizes.

OK, 1, 2, 3.
Itching to get out of work & on with my weekend.

Spent much of day fooling around with virtual machine to no great purpose, pretty great.

Beautiful & sunshiny out, cold & dim within.
Cold, cold, cold. Hot coffee.

Hard to leave the blankets.

Things are sort of rushing along, muddling through.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Just made the mistake of reading a few book reviews- all arduously, laughably authoritative. The pose of mature sensibility so beloved of journalists, as with so much else, hard to say whether the ridiculous or the revolting dominates. People of fucking taste & judgment.

So, as you can see, feeling a bit better.

L. made some spaghetti for dinner which she, I gather, didn't care much for, but I thoroughly enjoyed. Garlic, garlic, garlic.

It's a chilly night, have put on my pajamas to face it bravely.
Still feeling woozy.

Went for walk with dogs, very nice out.

Checked with mechanic, still no sensible route to fixing my car, argh.
Home sick. Sick, sick, sick. Tummy trouble.

Actually feeling a bit better at this point, hurray.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Since coming home a little early, been feeling icky on & off, having a pretty good time regardless.

Should probably go to sleep, feeling a bit too icky.
Archiving ads, feeling nauseated, would like to go home now, please.

Maybe once done with these ads?

Ads, ads, ads.
Cold, gray morning, stomach hurts, probably that late night call from work.

Tempted to just go back to sleep, then maybe get up around noon and make myself english muffins & chicken soup.

Will, instead, continue with my daily rounds.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Lazing about, bad scifi on the TV, what's not to like?

Could use a beverage.
Love an early show, lots of music, now home resting, bars are stupid.

Talked to my mom for a bit, sounds like her grant's more or less in order & ready to go, happy about that.

Happy about lots of stuff.
Having a rough time getting going, had a rough night.

Rough, rough.

No idea what's going to be happening at work this week, probably best.

Should really get my car fixed.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Back to roasting vegetables, must be nearly fall.

Reprised sage pesto fusilli with roasted squash & apple, thought of The Lady Eve.

L. made brownies.

All in all, pretty idyllic.

Don't feel like going to work in the morning.
Walked the dogs, then went & met K. for brunch. After, went & took pictures, graveyard, train yard.

Back to the cool breezes.
Slow start, cool breezes.

Would like to get out & take some photos today.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

It's a very wet night.

Just back from taking the dogs out for a brief promenade, lovely out despite the rain, pleasant clean air, striking reflections from street lamps in the streams on the sidewalks and pavements.

Arch Street is closed, the arch is flooded.

Before that, finished watching The Lord of the Rings, adore sentimental claptrap, I do, I do.

Earlier, made some pasta with an alfredo sauce, with a side of local tomatoes in a simple vinaigrette.

Picked up some photos I'd ordered, ordered a festive lemon cake, did some work.

Can keep going further back, all the way into the abyss if I like- it's somewhat burdensome, freedom of movement, can get a bit vertiginous. In any case, has its good points, wouldn't trade it.

Out in the rain, and even before, listening to it, thinking rainy day thoughts, worries, pities, other days, rainy & otherwise.

Find myself feeling stretched a bit thin, then snap right back into shape, slip on a hoodie & get on with it.
Terse & telegraphic, ai ai ai.

Damp morning.

Coffee is my friend.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Lovely dinner of snacks, got a one eyed doll & some buttons at craft fair, socialized with chums.

Once home again, ate some fancy ice cream while watching many, many orcs get slaughtered.

Still unpleasantly warm, will probably sleep poorly.

Have a cramp in my lower back, another in my style, should probably sort those out. Hot shower, maybe.
On back porch with dogs, enjoying breeze, waiting to head out for adventures. I love a laptop.

Big yawn.

Lots of butterflies in the yard.
Lovely lazy day, made some scrambled eggs with leftover sauteed vegetables. Going to go get some bar snacks in a bit, then head south for craft fair.

Too darn hot.
Lazy belated Labor Day, L.'s home too, not feeling too well.

Craft fair in Northampton later, may go order a cake en route.

No RSVPs today.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Those fried doughs with maple cream are quite something.

L. rode the Freak Out, I was too tall.

Feet hurt, sweaty, etc.
Just back from parade, dog walk, then fair.

Too darn hot.

Got called assholes by old lady for crossing at crosswalk, a charming town.
Took a nap, seem to have become much more nap oriented of late.

Out on the back porch with dogs & mosquitos.

Need to go buy cat food.

Parade, parade.
Hello, long weekend, long time, no see.

Began the festivities with a kielbasa reuben, parade & fair on tap for later. Hip, hip.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Had a nice little dinner get together, followed immediately by a Pickles escape with all the usual drama, plus a batty old lady complete with motorized wheelchair & service dog threatening to sue us, calling the cops on me, etc. Big fun. Cop was pretty nice about it, anyway.

Finally we recovered Pickles & all had cake. The end.

Relaxing under cooling fan.
Drugged feeling persists, hugs not drugs, hugs not drugs.

Work is being goofy, but not in a charming way.

Sounds like more cookery later, may be a new trend.
Having a Dr. Pepper as the opening salvo of my campaign to feel less sedated.

Thinking ruefully of the pervading stupidity, seeps into everything. Bored with it.

Want more fun.

The morning Frege's been being good to me, anyway. Sinn, Bedeutung, etc., etc.
Sleep's not wanting to let me go this morning, wish I could accommodate.

Sleep, sleep, sleep.

OK, should shower.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Made some steak & sauteed vegetables for dinner, pretty easy, still got all sweaty, probably why I haven't been cooking much lately.

Anyway, juicy peppery goodness.

Peretz just spilled a drink, the decadence.
Apparently even twelve hours of sleep can't prevent me from feeling drowsy at work.

Went & walked across the street for a coffee a while ago & experienced ecstatic sunshiny moment, warm & pleasant, warm & pleasant.

Want a burger.
Slept for a very long time, haven't done that for quite a while, was lovely.

Pickles is licking my comforter.

Monday, September 1, 2008

BBQ = good times, a bit sleepy to fully appreciate, had several hot dogs, some cake, etc.

Going to take a nap.
Peretz has the runs, probably down to all the time we were away yesterday shuttling the kid about. He worries.

Was funny spending all that time driving along the coast with none spent at the seaside.

Did get an Italian Bomb from Modern Apizza, amazing thing, that. Going to have a leftover piece in a minute, I think.

It's Labor Day, so, naturally, I need to go to work.

Once done with that, bbq & wiffle ball like everybody else.