Friday, August 31, 2007

Eating chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, thinking about the first time I had it at the Ben & Jerry's in Burlington as a kid, realizing that it would be a big thing.

Taking an astonishingly long time to upload photos of fair, fucking upload caps.

Oh, they finally finished.
Quite an active day, quite an active week actually, bit achy.

Strange that the Three County Fair would be less impressive than the Cummington one, that's how it is nonetheless. Still pretty OK, french fries, fried dough a welcome respite from nutritious vegetables, nice chickens.

Took a bunch more snapshots, think I've taken more photos the past week than over the previous two years, strange.

Watched some of the demolition derby, pretty neat, but I got lonesome for Peretz & walked home again, we're lying in a pile now.
Made soup, broccoli raab, was going to make more eggplant/pepper dip but want to go to the fair soon, maybe tomorrow.

Playing with Kiva microloan website, just lent some guy in Tajikistan some money for cattle.

Strangely pleasant mood.
Done with work for week, doing laundry, once laundry is in dryer, walking to town to get myself nice lunch, money for fair.

After that, making more soup. Demolition derby still later. Should be a fun day.

My boss just gave me an slightly iridescent ceramic turtle pin for my gray sweatshirt.
Fell asleep watching cartoons around two, woken just now by work, nothing wrong, no real reason for it at all, actually.
So ek-ek-ekphrasis was pretty fun, don't remember it too clearly, people seemed to enjoy it. Did a little dance. Later on, I took some pictures.

OK, walk the dog, have a beverage, sleep, work.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Finding the Blandford Fair's website very inspiring, should maybe go check it out, take pictures.
Boiling pasta, dancing around to Rick James, P wants out.

Work got still more chaotic just before I left, exciting, will be leaving quite early tomorrow. Might even get some laundry done.
More exciting work chaos, highly amused by pixelated chicken cover art, also featuring compression artifacts, was going to go to the Three County anyway, will maybe be even better than expected.

Wanting to get home to my dog & my tomato sauce, soon, my dears.

Was going to make broccoli raab with bacon & onions as well as the pasta, think I'm going to be too lazy, maybe tomorrow between work & fair.
Exciting walk, P got his leash wrapped around tree in puddle, desperate pulling to get back to where the dead squirrel was left yesterday, giant pile of cut grass left piled against front door of senior citizen center.

Had to go to Easthampton office to set up a workstation for a new reporter, ran into friend of mine on the way back to my car, he was excited to see me play tonight, I'd forgotten I was doing that.
Busy day at work, finally managed to get away for lunch, more Dubliner & tomato sandwiches, very delicious. Had considered going for fish 'n' chips, not time.

Oppressively hot out, wondering how little of a walk P can tolerate, ah hell, I'll take him on a decent walk, I guess.

A little more coffee first.
Finger hurts like the dickens.

Walking with P, thinking about words & images, signs & other things besides. Don't want to give too much away, trade secrets & all that.

Tomato sauce came out tasty, looking forward to eating it later.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Just had to wrench crushed squirrel corpse from P's mouth. Have washed my hands thoroughly, he smells like death.
After blanching tomatoes for sauce, decided my fingers didn't need any further damage, went to the store to get garbage bags & light bulbs while they cooled. Seeding them was still pretty painful.

Anyway, sauce is simmering now, will probably make tasty pasta dish with it tomorrow, eat cheese & tomato sandwiches tonight. Have a lot of tomatoes.

P wants out now.
Finally managed to finish off all the food I made on Saturday, going to make a tomato sauce later I think.

Very much enjoying keeping my rich inner life to myself.
Exciting day at work, only IT person here, came in to find server I replaced fan in yesterday died in the night of something else, replaced cpu/ram module, worked again. Incredibly awful new issue with printing the paper popped up last night spent all morning fixing it with help of RIP vendor support, finally got away for lunch, spent most of that doing follow up calls about printing issue, converting graphics for work.

Did have a cup of coffee, walk dog.

Cut another finger on that server. Hurts.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Drinking a vodka & lime.

Should probably get up at 4 am more often, maybe again tomorrow.

A pretty nice day.
Probably should've prepared some nutritious vegetables for myself, went & got a pastrami sandwich instead.

Got some nice coffee, bread & cheese after to make coffee & tomato & cheese sandwiches with tomorrow.

Busy day at work, quite tired, should be another busy one tomorrow.

This is nice.

And this.
War is over if you want it.
Arrived at work to horrible grinding noise from server fan, luckily it was one that's no problem to down, all fixed now.

Setting up training facilities once again, will be glad when they're done with all this & I can concentrate on network infrastructure again.

Sunrise walk was lovely, took a bunch more pictures, seems to be my thing of late. After that spent quite a while IMing with my brother and geotagging pictures. He actually got a good look at the eclipse, lucky bastard.
Got up early to try to catch some of eclipse, very cloudy as it turned out, caught some tantalizing hints:





Was planning to try to get a bit more sleep, too alive to the beauty of things, going to take sunrise walk with P on levee instead, I think.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Show Thursday is apparently happening, have asked that Fernando & I be billed as 'ek-ek-ekphrasis'.

Listening to 'My Pretty Snow Deer' over & over again to psych myself up.

Been taking pictures of P.

Thinking about getting up before sunrise to observe the lunar eclipse.
Tried to walk off headache, didn't work.
Came across teens smoking dope in the woods. They tried playing it cool. "Hey, man, how you doing?" "How ya doin'?" "How're ya doing, man?" Fine, thanks. Bit sleepy.

P's paw seems AOK.
P got something sharp wedged between his paw pads on walk, think I got it all out, but he didn't like it much, will see if he's still limping later, I guess.

Seems like he's limping less already, actually.
More headache, sleep deprivation apparently isn't the font of health I was led to believe.

Listening to a lot more music living alone, kind of nice. 'Who Makes the Nazis?' a minute ago, it's a good question.

Wishing I had an etext of 'The Burrow' to facilitate book group, endless copyright sucks.
Very agitated.

Busy weekend, cooked a lot, took a lot of pictures. Quite tired, can't sleep.

P's stretched out on the couch, dreams about digging apparently.

All sorts of plans for fun activities shaping up, sounds like October will be pretty hectic, ad system go live, visit from brother, wedding, visit from mother then the month's almost over.

September's less structured so far but I'm working on structuring it. Dinner parties, skee ball.

Probably playing a show on Thursday.

Back in circulation, I guess.